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Happy New Year!/Ratatouille Fic - ZombieQueen's Lair
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Happy New Year!/Ratatouille Fic
Happy New Year Everyone! Anyone doing anything special today?

We were supposed to go to church, but they changed the times on us again. As I was getting ready, my mom comes in telling me, "you're not going to lie this..."

Mass was changed from 10:30 AM to 9:00 AM and at that time it was already around 8: 54.

Grrr...I could have slept in. :(

Anyways, i'm working on some character designs for my new fanfiction story, "Almost Human." Yes, it is NOT a "Meet the Robinsons" story...surprisingly enough... It's a Ratatouille fic.

I've had this idea long before I wrote the "Great big Beautiful Tomorrow" story...I wrote the MTR one first because my fandom for that movie was, (and still is) HUGE. After reading the Ratatouille art book I got for X-mas, I needed to write the story, so here it is:


I WILL finish that other MTR fic and get started on the others...I just REALLLLYYY needed to write this fic...it wouldn't stop plaguing my mind.

Gotta go now! I may post some art later today.

: Bouncy


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