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OMG!/Meet the Robinsons Mood Themes - ZombieQueen's Lair
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OMG!/Meet the Robinsons Mood Themes
Something came in the mail for me...


Yep..I'm so very excited to use it...I can finally color using the computer...and I can draw straight on the tablet too, so I'll save paper! Wooo!

I'm so happy, I'm going to see Sweeney Todd with some friends tomorrow...and I'm finishing my application with Art Institute today. Plus, I have to install my TABLET! :)

Gotta go...Laundry's done.


PS, I ALSO got the following soudtracks for my birthday:

Pocahontas soundtrack
Mulan Soundtrack
Hercules Soundtrack
Chicago Soundtrack
Sweeney Todd Soundtrack

Bye Everyone!

MAJOR EDIT!!!!- Found some great meet the Robinson's Icons made by:


Just go to: http://snow-white-kt.deviantart.com/art/Meet-the-Robinsons-Mood-Theme-72982726 and doownload the file...then, post them as you would a picture:

: Suprised

Many thanks snowwhitesicons !

As you can see, i edited all my entries and added in some MTR mood themes.

Good night!

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goobiefan From: goobiefan Date: January 5th, 2008 12:54 am (UTC) (Link)


Oh cool! *screaming at the top of my lungs* OMGERARD, YOU GOT A TABLET!!!!!!!!!

... what exactly does a tablet do, now? ^^

YAY, have fun seeing it. I heard it's really good (and there's singing! ^^)


Mi Mi
zombiequeen16 From: zombiequeen16 Date: January 5th, 2008 04:37 am (UTC) (Link)


A Tablet is...well, a small tablet which you connect to the computer. Once connected, you use a special pen that come with it and draw on it using the program photoshop or open canvas. You can draw on it without scanning and you can color a scanned picture.

I'm still practicing, but I can't wait to draw with it. :)

Noticed my "Meet the Robinsons" mood themes? XD

coloredbleach From: coloredbleach Date: January 5th, 2008 07:21 am (UTC) (Link)
Juuust thought I'd leave a little comment~~hope you don't mind >_>

OMG TABLET!!! Tablets are such a help :DDDD I'd use mine more often but mine dies all the time... ;__;

OH AND SWEENEY TODD LOVE<33!!! I adore the soundtrack, and listen to it all the time :3 I'm sure you'll have fun with your friends watching that movie.

anyways HAPPY sort've belated BIRTHDAY!!!!
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