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Meet the Robinsons Silly Fanart/Camp - ZombieQueen's Lair
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Meet the Robinsons Silly Fanart/Camp
I went back to school today...and I'm kind of happy to be back. I got to see everyone and we talked about our vacation.

Soon, around the end of the month, I'm volunteering at a camp as a camp advisor and I'M SO EXCITED!!! I haven't camped out in sooooo long! It'll be fun...a whole week with kids and learning science stuff. Yes...

Wow...I'm excited about science...I sound like Lewis... :)

Anyways, I decided that my Livejournal will be the place to post my funny random doodles and my "Meet the Robinsons" comics. I decided to do a mini series whenever I don't know what to draw. So...here they are! View them and tell me what you think! Or I'll eat off Stephen Anderson's Head!

Click on the pictures to see bigger versions of it... :)

Told you I would...XD I did this when I was lacking in creative juice...don't we all wish we could extract some of his creativeness?

I might do one for Bill Joyce too...XD

I'm actually rather proud of this one...note to self: Never allow Ted to explain to my kids about "bird and the bees" XD

And yes...that is Mike and Al's kid, Mildred in the future... :)

Random fluff! It's Ted and the older version of Violet...awww...now they can be together without any sort of problem!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

: Jubilant


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goobiefan From: goobiefan Date: January 9th, 2008 08:56 pm (UTC) (Link)


That was like really funny. ^^

OK... I'll start in order (congrats on the comic, btw... I'm still waiting for Dria to give me the story-line-thingy for mine... -sigh- patience, Mi Mi, patience...)

Pic #1. Aww! Stevie's feeling violated. That's really cute. XD OMG, LOL, you look like a leech or something on his head!!!!!!!!

Pic #2 Yikes... note to self: let Ted NOWHERE near kids. :D Yay! Older version of Mildred. *jumps up and down* YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Pic #3 Sweet. Violet's finally Ted's height. (It took a while, huh?) :)

Awesome. Congrats on the camp-thing. *high-five* WOO! ... *glances down to what you're listening to* MAMA, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does psycho dance* YYYYYYYAYYYYYYYYYYY KIM!!!!!!!!!!

XD "Jubilant," eh? God, and my teacher said I had an awesome vocabulary. She's obviously mistaken. *runs off to find a dictionary*

Mi Mi
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