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On the Road/Art stuff and Fanfictions/ Order of the Phoenix
I'm currently very happy. I finally passed my permit test and now I can finally get started on getting behind the wheel. Yikes! The road better make way for me! I wonder if years of playing car racing video games is enough practice. XD

I have some art and fanart to post tomorrow. I have this really awesome sketch idea for a painting and some random MCR and MTR sketches. I am currently obsessed with Gerard Way too much. I once had a dream where I was just talking to him and we showed each other some art work and talked about good music and movies. Then, he was about to tell me the meaning of life and then I woke up! Bummer... :(

I'll try to get another chapter to "Almost Human" since everyone loves it so much. Plus, I'm working on a short fanfic for a contest called "A Day With Wilbur Robinson". bean15 is hosting it. I totally think you guys should check it out.

I bought "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" yesterday and watched it today. It was alright...better than the last movie, but not as good as the 1st three movies. The battle scene wasn't like I pictured, but still good. Tonks was cool, though she didn't have spiked hair...pity. Lupin barely said anything, which disappointed me since I love him so <3 Helena Boham Carter is my HERO! She was the perfect Bellatrix! I was so close to being her for Halloween last year. I remember someone said I can look like Helena Boham Carter if I put my hair up and give my best evil smile.

Who knows? Maybe I'll post a picture of myself someday.

Gotta go, I'm watching youtube stuff. :)

: Relieved


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disembodied_cat From: disembodied_cat Date: January 12th, 2008 07:55 am (UTC) (Link)
Tip for driving (since I just got my license) - drive near the DMV place you will be taking the final test at -- that helped me SO much! Just go around there a lot and it helps.
One guy that goes to my synagogoue went to the same place as me and his mom told me that he failed cause he went right on green but there were pedestrians crossing and he didn't realize they had the right away. So remember ... even if pedestrians are being stupid and slow - they always go first! X) No matter how tempting it is to hit them. :) Good luck! ;)
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